At Michigan Surgery Specialists, we staff the most qualified and experienced physicians. Together, we work to ensure our patients feel comfortable, well informed, and have a healthy recovery.


Emily E. Abbott, D.O.

Location(s) : Auburn Hills | Shelby Township | West Bloomfield

Ara Bush

Ara N. Bush, M.D.

Location(s): Roseville | Shelby Township

Jeremy R. Ciullo, M.D., FACS

Location(s): Shelby Township | Warren

Alexander J. Colen, D.O.

Location(s) : Livonia | Warren

John A. Gorski, M.D.

Location(s) : Livonia | Novi | West Bloomfield

E Aron L Haass

E. Aron L. Haass, D.O., FACOS

Location(s):  Brownstown | Dearborn | Livonia

Jeffery Hall

Jeffrey M. Hall, M.D., FACS

Location(s): Roseville | Shelby Township | Southfield

Gerard Lancaster

Gerard F. Lancaster, M.D.

Location(s) : Roseville | Warren

Mehul Mehta

Mehul M. Mehta, M.D., FACS

Location(s): Auburn Hills |  Warren

Scott S. Samona, M.D.

Location(s): Brownstown | Dearborn | Livonia

samson Samuel

Samson P. Samuel, M.D., MBA, FACS

Location(s): Dearborn | Warren

richard singer

Richard M. Singer, M.D.

Location(s): Dearborn

Caroline N. Wurtzel, M.D.

Location(s) : Chelsea


Ronald Rook

Ronald T. Rook, D.O.

Location(s):  Auburn Hills | Warren

Dr Ryan

John B. Ryan, M.D., FACS

Location(s): Warren

Matthew J. Yousif, D.O.

Location(s): Auburn Hills | Southfield  | Warren


Dan Oddo

Dan Oddo

Executive Director

Cherril Sitton

Cherril Sitton

Director of Operations

Kendra Coogan

Kendra Coogan


Nicole Fick

Physician Engagement and Relationship Coordinator

Stephanie Pantaleon

Patient Access Manager

Karen Ramsay

Karen Ramsay

Accounts Payable

Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

MSS Billing Supervisor

Amanda Uppleger

Digital and Operational Strategy Specialist

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