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Occupations that are hazardous to your hand health

Working isn’t always our favorite thing to do, but it’s a necessary part of life. It’s safe to say that all jobs come with some kind of risk, but there are some that are more…

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Wrist Fractures

On average, the physicians at Michigan Surgery Specialists treat over 1,000 wrist fractures every year! Wrist fractures are a little more complex than they sound so keep reading to explore how this injury occurs, why…

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What You Need to Know About Treating and Preventing Nursemaid’s Elbow

Injuries among children are common from sports, rough play and accidents. But it is less often that you hear about injuries arising from keeping children out of harm’s way or from innocent playing. Enter: Nursemaid’s…

Your Questions, Answered: Treating A Broken Collarbone

Many think a clavicle fracture, aka a broken collarbone, is just something that happens during adolescence from rough play or sporting injuries. But in fact, broken collarbones account for roughly 5% of all fractures in…

woman s pink pedicure

Reasons to think twice before your next manicure

Many women (and some men) find themselves on a regular schedule for visiting the nail salon; every 2-4 weeks for a manicure/pedicure with a color change to fit the new desired style or celebrate an…

Michigan Surgery Specialists is welcoming a new hand surgeon!

Dr. E. Michael Grady comes to us from fellowship with a patient centered focus and passion for hand surgery in the Metro-Detroit area. He specializes in common and complex conditions of the forearm, wrist, hand…

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