Michigan Surgery Specialists is a physician-owned organization. We don't want to send you to multiple offices, which is why we keep all of our services in one location. Doctors, therapists, and staff working together to give you the best experience.

Our Mission & Vision


To be the provider of high-quality patient-focused health care that is readily accessible, cost-effective and meets the needs of the patients and community we serve. Our team works together to provide the best possible recovery, healing, and outcome.


To be the medical practice of choice for patients, physicians and employees in Southeast Michigan. Leading the evolution of healthcare to enable every member of the communities we serve to enjoy a better, healthier life.

Awards & Recognition

We are honored to have been selected as Hour Detroit’s Top Doctors, the Faces of Hand Surgery, and the Faces of Sports Medicine. Our doctors continue to be recognized for providing exceptional patient experience and our growing success rate. Michigan Surgery Specialists is a premier choice for orthopedic care.

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