Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Injuries with Dr. Lasater

Dr. Peter Lasater is an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, joining Michigan Surgery Specialists in late 2023. Dr. Lasater is versed in both arthroscopic and open orthopedic procedures and treats numerous conditions from the shoulders down to the ankles in adults and in children. Keep reading to learn more about the common conditions he treats […]

Understanding and Managing Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint (SI joint) pain is a common yet often misunderstood condition that can significantly impact one’s quality of life. The SI joint connects the spine to the pelvis and plays a crucial role in providing stability and absorbing shock during movement. When this joint becomes painful or dysfunctional, it can lead to discomfort, limited […]

Experiencing back or neck pain? We can help with that!

Michigan surgery specialists offers orthopedic services for your back and neck pain! We understand that conditions of the spine can be scary and seeking treatment might be pushed off because of the possibility of surgery. That’s why we asked one of our orthopedic spine surgeons, Dr. Paul Al-Attar, to shed some light on the common […]

Chelsea Community, Get To Know Dr. Moore!

Michigan Surgery Specialists is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Andrew Moore, foot and ankle specialists in our Chelsea location. Keep reading to find out more about our newest surgeon… What is your typical patient like and what conditions do you treat? I perform all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, from trauma and […]

Sources of Your Hip Pain and What We Can Do About Them

Hip pain is a common occurrence, particularly as we age. While this discomfort can be caused by injury, it can also stem from degenerative conditions, leading to chronic pain if left untreated. Here we’ll be addressing different causes of hip pain in adults of all age groups, how they’re diagnosed and possible treatment options.  What […]

Weightlifter’s Elbow

Elbow pain can be caused by several sports and activities. There’s golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow and even bowler’s elbow, but this article is going to focus on weightlifter’s elbow. What is weightlifter’s elbow? This injury, formally known as triceps tendonitis, is an overuse injury that causes pain at elbow joint. This discomfort is caused by […]

Your Questions, Answered: Treating A Broken Collarbone

Many think a clavicle fracture, aka a broken collarbone, is just something that happens during adolescence from rough play or sporting injuries. But in fact, broken collarbones account for roughly 5% of all fractures in adults. Keep reading to find out the who, what, when and how of clavicle fractures. Who? Who breaks their collarbone? […]

Shoulder Pain? You May Be Suffering From Impingement Syndrome

If you’re experiencing pain and swelling in your shoulder, you may be thinking, did I pull something? Did I tear a muscle? I must have slept on my side wrong. While any of these could be the source of your pain, it may be that you’re suffering from Impingement Syndrome! What exactly is Impingement Syndrome? […]

Ways the Winter is Affecting Your Hands and Joints

The coldest season of the year comes with all kinds of challenges to adapt to after months of warmth. From icy accidents to snow sport injuries, no body part is safe from the hazards of winter. In this post we’ll be outlining some of the common injuries and conditions that occurring during the colder months […]

How Working at a Desk is Affecting Your Hand and Orthopedic Health

It’s been one year since COVID-19 struck Michigan and our lives have still not gone back to normal. From every day outings like grocery shopping, dining experiences and vacation plans, to more serious topics like our children’s education and our own careers, we have all been affected in some way by this global pandemic. Many […]

So You Think You Hurt Your Shoulder: Common Injuries That Can Affect Anyone!

Shoulder injuries are a common problem we treat at Michigan Surgery Specialists. Unlike some other conditions, injuries of the shoulder are not limited to a particular age group or demographic. They can occur in a young athlete during a sporting event, or an elderly person experiencing a slip and fall accident. In this article we […]

Avoiding Injury While Returning to the Gym

After spending some time away from regular exercise (due to COVID, extended vacation, illness or any other reason), your muscles begin to weaken and your body will fatigue faster from cardio exercises. Because of this breakdown, your body (typically) cannot tolerate the same level of exercise you were previously performing at. Many people are so […]

10 Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

1. Are you board certified? Most physicians (and all of ours at Michigan Surgery Specialists) are either board certified or if they are a newer physician, board eligible. Initially, physicians have to pass their medical board exams in their specialty and sub-specialty within 5 years of completing residency/fellowship. The physicians within this 5 year period […]

Common Orthopedic Injuries To Avoid This Summer

Summer is finally here! The weather is nice, the water is warm and everyone is looking to have a little fun outdoors. Though most of us see summertime as the season to cut loose, sometimes the eagerness to have fun can get the best of us and injuries occur without warning. From sports injuries to […]

What Goes into Joint Replacement Procedures?

Total joint replacement is not something that should be taken lightly. The most important thing you can do is make sure to see a specialist if you have pain in any joint or if your extremity functions are being limited. The longer you wait and the more chronic the issue becomes, the more difficult the […]

Winter Is Here…A Look at Skiing and Snowboard Injuries, How to Avoid Them, and How to Heal

Skiing and snowboarding are wildly popular wintertime activities, and yet it does not bode well when you read of organizations like the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons who review and report on injuries sustained during these activities. For example, in 2018, that group said: “Both sports are responsible for a substantial number of musculoskeletal injuries […]

What to Expect with an Elbow Fracture

Elbow fractures happen quite frequently, and they can be extremely painful. They’re especially common in children. In fact, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 10% of the fractures kids get are elbow fractures. There are a few different kinds of fractures involving the elbow. We’re going to look at what these are, what […]

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Treatment and Healing from One of the Most Common Injury Types

Rotator cuff injuries are among the most common orthopedic-related injuries diagnosed and treated today. They’re particularly common among those who lead active lifestyles or who are involved in physical sports. These injuries can range from mildly irritating to being so debilitating that they require you to change parts of your life. Within this post, we […]

Tennis Elbow (And How to Treat It)

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is the most common injury of patients seeking medical attention for elbow pain. It is a painful condition involving inflammation of the tendons that attach the forearm muscles to the outside of the elbow. The forearm muscles and tendons become damaged from overuse — repeating the same motions over and over […]

Meniscus Tears: What you need to know

A torn meniscus is one of the most common knee injuries. It can be extremely painful and debilitating, but it doesn’t have to sideline you completely. With the proper diagnosis and treatment, you can get back on your feet doing the things you love. In this article, we’ll cover the following: What is a meniscus […]

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