Orthopedic Injuries with Dr. Lasater

Dr. Peter Lasater is an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, joining Michigan Surgery Specialists in late 2023. Dr. Lasater is versed in both arthroscopic and open orthopedic procedures and treats numerous conditions from the shoulders down to the ankles in adults and in children. Keep reading to learn more about the common conditions he treats and his approach to care!


Like most orthopedic and sports medicine physicians, Dr. Lasater treats wide range of conditions relating to injuries or degenerative conditions of the major joints, however there are a few areas in which is specializes even further:

  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopies
  • Hip Fractures
  • Rotator Cuff and Labral Tears
  • ACL and Meniscus Tears

Approach to Care

Dr. Lasater takes a total view approach, looking at the patient as a whole and collaborating with the patient to come up with treatment recommendations specific to them and their needs. Life factors, such as occupation, home life, hobbies and age are all taken into account when arriving on a treatment plan. Both surgical and non-surgical options are presented, when appropriate, and patients are encouraged to share in the decision making process.

Common Conditions By Age

Dr. Lasater treats adults as well as children in his practice. Through his years of experience, there are some conditions he sees more commonly within specific age groups:

  • Young children more often present with fractures, sprains, strains or minor tears.
  • Adolescent athletes and those under 40 typically come in for injuries due to an active lifestyle, such as ACL tears, meniscus tears and anterior knee pain.
  • Middle-aged adults tend to show some signs of aging, with issues like arthritis and tendon tears. Typically, this age group has a mix of degenerative conditions and active injuries.
  • Those 65+ most often are seen for degenerative pain in the hips, knees and shoulders, rotator cuff tears, arthritis or injuries related to accidents, such as a slip and fall.

Prevention and Expectations

There are some differences in injury prevention strategy and recovery expectations that come with patient age.

Younger and more active patients often need to be reminded that healing takes time. Setting recovery expectations in the beginning and throughout the healing process is important, as many of these patients expect to be back in action immediately after surgery. The more you allow yourself to heal, the better your outcomes will be. These patients are often referred to physical therapy to aid in their recovery and are educated on the importance of stretching and avoiding overuse.

Older patients tend to focus their expectations on getting back to their regular activities of daily living. Much of this age group’s injury prevention program centers around balance training, the use of assisted devices and fall prevention.

No matter the age, if you or a loved one are experiencing pain in your shoulders, hips or knees, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lasater in Auburn Hills to seek treatment and get back to doing what you love!
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