Chelsea Community, Get To Know Dr. Moore!

Michigan Surgery Specialists is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Andrew Moore, foot and ankle specialists in our Chelsea location. Keep reading to find out more about our newest surgeon…

What is your typical patient like and what conditions do you treat?

I perform all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, from trauma and fractures to arthritis treatments such as ankle replacement and joint fusions, and have extensive experience with tendon surgery, bunion and hammertoe surgery, as well as sports medicine and arthroscopy.

I treat nearly all foot and ankle conditions in patients 16 years and older, and trauma and sports injuries in most cases in younger patients as well.  I favor non-operative treatment whenever possible and try to pull on my experience and common-sense approach whenever advising patients on a treatment recommendation.

What made you want to become an orthopedic surgeon and why foot/ankle surgery?

I had a lot of interests growing up on the North Carolina coast, and though both my father and grandfather were surgeons, I really didn’t decide on a career path until college.  I certainly tended to gravitate toward scientific fields, and was mechanically inclined, so when I decided to pursue medicine, orthopedic surgery stood out as a great fit.

About 3 years into my orthopedic surgical residency at the University of Michigan, I began to consider a subspecialty. Though my initial inclination was hand surgery, I changed course after some inspiration from a few great mentors at Michigan, who showed me how interesting and somewhat undiscovered the field of foot and ankle surgery could be.

What drew you to the Chelsea area?

After training and a brief stint in practice in Kentucky, we found our way back to southeastern Michigan in 2011 to be closer to family, and I first started practicing in Chelsea in 2013. I am happy to be back full-time in Chelsea, practicing as a part of Michigan Surgical Specialists.  My wife and I have three kids who attend school in the area.

What is the patient experience like in your practice?

I am proud to say that I have the privilege of caring for many patients and families for over a decade, and though technologies continue to evolve, my approach has remained the same: to use every tool, surgical and non-surgical, at my disposal to help patients with foot and ankle problems in a way that is the least-invasive, most effective and least risky, and tailored for each patient’s specific situation and biology. 

One thing I think sets me apart from some is that I follow my patients myself post-operatively throughout the course of their recovery. This allows me to better control outcomes, provide more informed and helpful advice to patients, and allows me to continue to learn from my patient’s outcomes, and alter my practice accordingly.

 To schedule an appointment with Dr. Moore for aa foot and ankle issue, contact our Chelsea office!

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